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College football betting can be easy to beat if you are patient and exercise good judgment. Let College Football Betting Live Lines explain.

College football betting offers a ton of opportunities every single weekend of the college football season. During the college football season most linesmakers will put out a spread on every single college football game. With that being said, you are in control now and should only make plays on games where you feel you have found "value". Value may consist of news the book may not know about, utilizing local info you may have about your local college football team that isn't highly publicized, or even studying one college football team in particular, especially very small teams that aren't paid much attention to by the betting public.

On the other hand, the Average college football bettor, are NOT forced to bet on every single game. Now that You have learned about the your first advantage at winning at college football betting.

That leads us into the next topic of discussion regarding winning at college football betting. "Betting on small college football teams". Linesmakers spend much more time in making their spreads on teams they know the betting public will be wagering on. This may consist of major college football teams or the top 25 college football teams in the nation.

More cash comes in on these games so they naturally pay more attention to what's going on with the action on those games. Use this to your advantage in beating the line! Pay more attention to small college football teams. Dig into local newspapers, go into discussion forums, and even head to a college football team's website to scour for information that can help you beat the college football bookie! This is a GREAT way at winning your college football bets but so few do it! The bookie knows that 90% of the population is going to bet on the nationally televised college football games and the top 25! Do the right thing and learn small college football!

College football totals can vary from very low (mid 20's) to very high (70's and sometimes 80+). In the example given above, if you are to place a bet on the OVER, both teams combined scores must exceed 37.5 points meaning you need 38 or more in order to cover your over wager. If you take the under, both teams combined scores added together must add up to less than 37.5 points to cover the wager and be paid as a winning bet.

College Football Betting Picks

Having trouble winning with your college football betting strategies, Want to win more NCAA football picks this season? If you are having trouble making winning college football bets consistently you have come to the right place, as we can help provide you with dependable winners on a weekly basis with our premium College football picks.

The College Football Picks that our experts release will have you winning money off of the sportsbooks in no time. The problem that most average bettors have with NCAA football is with consistency. It seems like one week they do alright and can come away as a winner but then on another weekend they won't hardly win a game. Well our handicapping services are here to help you the best they can with cashing in more winning tickets and ending your weekend a winner. Free Thursday night college football picks and NCAA Friday Night football predictions here!

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CFP Championship Game

The 2018 CFP National Championship Game

CFP National Championship Game — January 8, 2018

After the four CFP bowl games are over the Rose Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, The Sugar Bowl and The Orange Bowl, the CFP Championship game will be played. It will rotate around the four cities where those bowl games are played.

The top two college football teams in the country will meet in Glendale, AZ on January 8th, at the 2018 CFP Championship - Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA.

Do not miss your chance to bet on this years CFP bowl games.

Who gets to play? It has nothing to do with which teams win the bowl games. The NCAA football teams that will meet in the CFP championship game will be the top two-ranked teams in the CFP standings.

Complete CFP National Championship Bowl Matchups - CFP Bowl schedules are a very simple reference of who is playing who, what time, date, and the channel.


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