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Shimao Commercial Diversified Commercial Operations

As an important wing of Shimao's "Large Aircraft Strategy", Shimao Commercial and Theme Entertainment is responsible for the investment, development and operation of various types of projects including Shimao retail properties, office properties and theme entertainment. Following the development strategy of China, Shimao focuses on developed coastal economic zones and inland economic towns, and cultivates core city clusters, with first-tier and strong second-tier cities as the core, while settling in the surrounding resource-intensive third-tier economic cities as appropriate. As of December 2020, Shimao Commercial and Theme Entertainment has settled in 36 cities, with 76 commercial and theme entertainment projects, covering a commercial management area of over 10 million square meters.

Develop Vigorously for Greater City Life.

Diversified product portfolio, exploring multiform demands

Shimao Commercial and Theme Entertainment strives to deeply connect the interdependent relationship among city, life and people based on its understanding of the relationship, carries out the spirit of "never stop, constantly explore and innovate", and creatively builds 4+2+M multi-product to meet the needs of various real estate projects such as life, office and entertainment buildings. Including, Four commercial segments - retail property, office property, smart ecological office, full-scene services, and "Kuan Hou" series of cultural shopping streets, two theme entertainment segments - its own IP theme entertainment, cooperative IP theme entertainment, as well as new business and flexible combination of various products representing Mix & More.

Retail Properties

Office Properties