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The Group has zero tolerance for corruption. In order to regulate the behaviour of all employees, contractors and suppliers of Shimao Group, while maintaining a clean and self-disciplined work style and promote the company's integrity construction and sustainable development, we have formulated a series of policies and ethical standards, including the Shimao Group Integrity and Whistleblowing Policy, Shimao Group Corporate Code of Conduct, Shimao Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Organizational Structure

The Board, as the highest governance body for business ethics management of Shimao Group, is committed to maintaining and establishing sound corporate governance practices. Regularly deliberating on business ethics and corruption issues, reviewing and updating business ethics and anti-corruption related policies in a timely manner.

The Audit Committee of the Board oversees corporate ethical standards. It is responsible for assisting the Board in monitoring the compliance of the employees with the Code of Conduct.

The Audit Department of the Company is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the implementation of the Code, receiving and handling complaints and whistleblowing. The Audit Department may report directly to the Audit Committee without consulting the management, and to further the Board through the Audit Committee.

Every three years, the Audit Department audits each business unit at least once to ensure that its operations comply with the relevant requirements of Shimao Group's Corporate Code of Conduct.

Whistleblowing Channels

Shimao Group has a robust internal whistleblowing mechanism. We set up whistleblowing channels on the company's official website and WeChat, also hotline, mail address, email box as well as an external independent whistleblowing channel. In addition, we post notice board of integrity in offices and business areas. The company conducts thorough investigations based on clear and specific reporting clues and promises to protect and reward the whistleblowers anonymously.

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Whistleblower Protection

The company promises to keep personal information and reporting content of real-name whistleblowing strictly confidential and not to disclose relevant information to the reported or unrelated personnel. Reporting calls, letters, etc. will be received by sole duty auditors of the Company’s Audit Department and be entered into corresponding reporting entry system. To ensure that the identity of the whistleblower will not be leaked, the system is equipped with password and strict management. Only sole duty auditors and the head of the Audit Department have permission to query the system.
If the whistleblower is threatened, attacked or retaliated, the Company will give active legal support and protection. Violation of the disclosure of reporting information or retaliation against whistleblowers, investigators will be dismissed, terminated labour contracts, etc. Involvement in criminal offenses will also be transferred to the judicial authorities according to law.

Ethic Training

Annual education and training on anti-corruption and business ethics will be carried out for directors and all employees (including informal employees), contractors and suppliers of Shimao Group. All employees, contractors and suppliers have signed the Integrity Commitment and have studied the Group's Code of Conduct. In the bidding process and the exchange activities with suppliers and contractors, we continue to promote business ethics to ensure that they are aware of relevant requirements and whistleblowing channels.

Industry Guide

Anti-fraud Alliance Co-founder Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance, found on June 18, 2015 by Alibaba, Country Garden, Fosun, Midea, SF-express, Shimao, Vanke, CIMC and other leading companies, along with Guangdong Enterprise Institute for Internal Controls, Sun Yat-Sen University Internal Control Research Center for Enterprises and NPOs, targeted anti-fraud through innovation and cooperation to implement anti-fraud initiative and guidelines in enterprises, share dishonesty record of individuals and companies, build communication network of antifraud, and build clean business environment, becoming the most influential and respectful anti-fraud organization.

The Blue Book Shimao Group and Sun Yat-sen University jointly produced and released the 2019 Blue Book of Chinese Enterprises' Anti-Fraud. It shows to the whole society the alliance's observation and analysis of the anti-fraud status of Chinese enterprises, while guiding enterprises for exploration and implementation of anti-fraud work and promoting the establishment of an anti-fraud management system for enterprises. It also shows to the whole society the efforts and progress of the enterprise's anti-fraud work and guides more enterprises in the society to invest in anti-fraud undertakings.