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Shimao pledges to continue to invest in green buildings, strictly adhere to national and local green building standards, achieve steady growth in green floor area and quantity, and continuously enhance environmental benefits. At the organisational level, Shimao has established an Environmental Management Executive Committee under the Board of Directors to promote environmental protection on a company-wide basis and to facilitate the participation of stakeholders, including employees, owners, tenants and commercial tenants, in energy conservation and environmental protection. At the building design and construction level, Shimao develops green technologies and actively promotes their implementation, integrating the vision of energy conservation and emission reduction with the concept of building design.

Green Building Commitment

The Company is committed to:
· Develop 100% of new developments to Green Building Basic level*
· Obtain multiple systems of green building certifications, including LEED, China Green Building, WELL System, SITES, etc.
· Commit to not developing agricultural land to protect the ecosystem
*Except for projects that do not satisfy the objective conditions for Green Building Basic level development

Green Building

By 30 June 2021, Shimao's total green building area reached 73.13 million square metres, an increase of 13.14% from the end of 2020.

Type of green buildings
By end of June, 2021(Unit: Building)
LEED Silver
China Green Building 3-Star
China Green Building 2-Star
China Green Building 1-Star
Buildings of LEED Gold
Shanghai Shimao Tower The rainwater process system will channel rainwater into ecological facilities such as depressed green areas, roof gardens and cisterns for watering green areas, landscape water, garage and road washing, therefore saving municipal water. The total annual runoff control rate of the site has reached 69.7% and the reduction rate of surface source pollutants has reached 57.3%.
Shenzhen Shimao Qianhai Centre Energy-efficient curtain wall systems are chosen, with 75% of the area meeting natural lighting 10% of the total mass of building materials being recyclable. 30% of raw materials were made from recycled waste, which increased the efficiency of new materials utilisation, factory prefabrication and on-site assembly. as well as reduced dust and sewage discharge caused by on-site operations.
Changsha Shimao International Financial Centre 8 energy saving and emission reduction systems are widely implemented to creating an environmentally friendly green oxygen ecology VAV variable air/electrostatic haze removal system (which achieves an one-time removal rate above 77%), low-carbon energy management systems, rainwater reuse systems and high-efficiency light sourcing energy-saving equipment.
Nanjing Shimao International Centre Assembly-type architectural design, using unitary glass curtain walls, integrated exterior wall insulation panels, assembly-type internal partition walls, floor slabs, staircases, etc., with partial assembly rates exceeding 50%

Green Life

EmployeeLaunching "Daily Office Code of Conduct", Shimao focuses on five cores--Action, Efficiency, Kindness, Frugality, Environmental Protection--and eight dimensions--such as business travelling, Office appliances, and Energy saving, thus incorporating environmental responsibility into daily office operations.

For business travels
● Distant video conference is promoted to reduce the business travels needed for conferences.
● Travelling to cities that can be reached via highspeed rail within 4 hours by one -way should be made via high -speed rail preferably.
● Travelling within the city should be preferably made via underground transit and other public transportation.
Office appliances
● Replacement of daily office supplies with used ones instead of buying new supplies is promoted, such as for pens, paper towels, transparent plastic, batteries, etc.
● Pen holders, rulers, staplers, tape holders, craft knives, scissors, calculators, and other nonexpendable office supplies should be recycled and disinfected to redistribute to public areas, such as print room, meeting rooms.
● Reusable cup is advocated for employees; Bottled water is for visitors only
Printing and photocopying
● Company documents for internal circulation should use double-sided printing or printed on the back of acceptable wastepaper. Colour printing should not be used unless necessary. Draft documents should be circulated using electronic documents as much as possible.
● Employees are encouraged to put useable wastepaper at designated collection points in the printing area for public use.
Energy saving
● Employee should turn off all devices in the seat before she/he leave the seat for long period.
● The last one who leave the office should turn off the light in the area.
● The last one who leave the meeting room should turn off the light and other devices after close of meeting

Integrating green into corporate culture, Shimao launched a "Green Action Week" for the whole organization. With "Energy Saving, Green Sharing" as the proposition, the three dimensions of "Green Office, Green Environment Protection and Green Travel" were adopted to enable staff to practise green and low-carbon living through concrete actions. Not only did it form a good corporate culture, but it also allowed everyone to integrate healthy and environmentally friendly behaviour into their lives and become a habit.

Property Owner In order to raise the awareness of environmental protection among property owners and mobilise them to participate in environmental protection, multiple Shimao communities initiated exchanging and transforming used items, the owners were able to turn waste into treasure while enhancing beauty and art of life. We are grateful for the responsibility to protect the earth and become the creators and witnesses of a better life. In addition, Shimao contributes to environmental protection by actively responding to the waste separation and resource utilisation system, including the implementation and effectiveness of end-to-end waste separation projects, etc.
The Company's affiliates also improved the environmental performance of their operations through commercial arrangements such as signing green lease agreements with tenants and carrying out energy-saving renovation projects, contributing to the creation of a better living space in the city together with the tenants.
Hotel · We have established a Green Agreement to encourage its partner hotels to participate in the Company's environmental protection efforts and work together to achieve environmental goals through utilising energy and water saving techniques and equipment, as well as using environmentally friendly materials. By December 2021, 100% of Shimao Hotels' partner hotels have signed the Green Agreement.

· In June 2021, we launched an energy conservation programme to carry out an energy saving renovation project of the water-heating system at the Yantai Shimao Hilton Hotel. We recycled waste heat through an air-cooled heat pump and converted it into a hot water heat source, minimising the time spent on steam boilers and the amount of gas used. By the end of November 2021, the gas usage dropped by 59.2% year-on-year and the overall carbon emissions were reduced by 5.4%, making a corresponding contribution to the overall energy saving and sustainable development。
· In 2021, we started to build a smart energy management platform for Shimao Hotels, which will connect to the water, electricity and gas meters of each hotel, find out the energy consumption of each hotel and automatically generate energy consumption analysis reports. Through this smart platform, we help our partner hotels to monitor energy consumption abnormalities and ultimately achieve the goal of improving the efficiency of resource usage.
Commercial · With Shine Earth (Fujian) New Energy Co., Ltd., we have officially signed the "Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation for PV Development in Shimao Commercial Segment" to set up the first pilot PV power generation project in Shishi Shimao Skyscrapers City. The project will install approximately 6,000 square meters of photovoltaic grid on the commercial rooftop of Shishi Shimao Skyscrapers City, providing clean electricity to over 200 shops, restaurants, indoor amusement parks, cinemas and other venues in the shopping mall.

· Signing lease agreement with office tenants that includes environmental contents, such as requiring tenants to dispose of waste as required and designating personnel responsible for waste recycling.
· Shanghai Shimao International Plaza has set a target of zero plastic and reducing meal waste and has agreed with all tenants and merchants to stop or pay for the use of plastic packaging. Shanghai Shimao International Plaza regulates the green behaviour of its tenants by establishing policies such as "Plastic Reduction for All Tenants" and "Empty Plate Action for Food and Beverage Tenants". By the end of 2020, over 80 tenants managed by Shanghai Shimao International Plaza have achieved these goals, saving approximately 3.6 tonnes of plastic products and 3,600+ paper bags. In addition to this, Shanghai Shimao International Plaza has adjusted its facilities to energy saving mode and has been compiling annual energy usage data to monitor the implementation of energy saving targets. This has resulted in cost savings of approximately 255,000 CNY per month and over 3 million CNY per year.
· Xiamen Shimao Emall and Shishi Shimao Skyscrapers City have set a target of zero plastic and reducing customer packaging use by 2021. It has also agreed with water bar tenants to use biodegradable straws and expect to save over 300 kg of plastic by the end of 2021.
· Shenzhen Shimao Qianhai Centre completed the energy saving renovation of its power supply and distribution system, promoting the optimisation of the electricity consumption system while participating in energy saving and emission reduction with the landlord and tenants, creating an environment-friendly atmosphere and building a green environment. The project resulted in a cumulative saving of 2 million CNY in base electricity costs in 2021.

Urban revitalization

Urban revitalization and redevelopment Under the fast-changing environment of city development, buildings are coordinate system of memories related to real estate company, people, and city; the connection among people, building, and city is a forever topic about which Shimao keeps thinking. We believe that each city has its own distinctive characteristics and deep cultural history. Based on cultural genes of cities, we establish the Shimao-style way including three types of urban revitalization and redevelopment, which is Cultural Protection, Cultural Inheritance, and Cultural Innovation. Shimao offers profound references and examples of city organic redevelopment in China.

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Cultural protection
Cultural inheritance
Cultural innovation

Green Finance

With the development of green industries, achieving green growth has become a current trend in the world economy. Shimao entered into a Green Finance Framework in January 2021 and obtained a second party opinion certification from Sustainalytics, an international independent third-party rating agency. On 14 September 2021, Shimao successfully issued US$748 million 5.20% Green Senior Notes due 2027, the net proceeds of which were used to refinance its offshore medium to long-term debt due within one year. The net proceeds from the issuance were used to refinance overseas medium to long-term debt due within one year. Shimao plans to use all or part of the net proceeds from the 2027 Notes offering to finance or refinance certain eligible green projects in accordance with the Group's Green Finance Framework.


Biodiversity is related to human well-being and is an important foundation for human survival and development. In November 2018, Shimao and UNESCO signed a cooperation framework agreement, in which both parties aim to support youth participation in environmental conservation and work to protect biodiversity. On 15 September 2019, 176 youth representatives from 83 countries gathered in the Changbaishan Biosphere Reserve in China to participate in the second Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) Youth Forum. Discussions were held on the theme of "Commitment to Biodiversity". Shimao, in collaboration with UNESCO, participated in and supported the MAB Youth Forum in the hope that through continuous efforts, exploration and experimentation, we can further enhance the protection of biodiversity together with other parties.