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Carrying Forward Chinese Culture, While Creating Ideas for Future

Shimao Culture has long been committed to promoting the excellent Chinese traditional culture, promoting Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and exploring the sustainable development of the cultural industry. Taking into account the current trend of synergy and progress of China's cultural and museum undertakings and cultural creative industry, Shimao Culture's main business covers the following three major areas, Planning and operation of cultural space such as museums, collection and research of precious ancient and modern artworks and derivative development of cultural creativity.

The Shimao Maritime Silk Road Museum of Fujian, a strategic partnership between Shimao and the Palace Museum, is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and is scheduled to open to the community in the first half of 2021. The Shimao Maritime Silk Road Museum of Fujian will allow the audience to experience the charm of Chinese cultural treasures, further inherit the spirit of the Silk Road, and become a spiritual highland for promoting the "Maritime Silk Road Culture” by China. Shimao Culture takes cultural operation as its long-term focus and deeply integrates it with various businesses of Shimao, explores the essence of traditional culture, reinterprets it and integrates it into contemporary life, allows more people to participate in the preservation of cultural relics and cultural inheritance, strengthens cultural self-confidence and contributes to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Put forward professional suggestions on development orientation, spatial planning and function realization for museums under the Group, and organize the planning and operation of museum collections storage, exhibitions and other projects; At the same time, interface with the planning, design, management and operation of cultural space in commercial buildings under the group. Carry out systematic art collection for museums under the group, and engage in research, appreciation and market analysis of related categories of ancient art; Provide art resources to support other departments of the company to carry out exhibition planning, cultural and creative product development, brand promotion and other related work. Planning the development of cultural and creative products and various derivative activities based on the resources such as the Group's collection of artworks; Cooperate with other museums and other external institutions to jointly create IP resources, reasonably create a cultural atmosphere in commercial space, and enhance public attraction and social influence.